How to Make a Car Sticker


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Car owners, who wish to make their autos stand out from the crowd, often search for different ways to improve their design, functionality and general look. With so many car accessories available online and offline, getting an item you need is not a problem. However, many of these wholesale accessories look similar. This is what forces the owners of cars to invent homemade accessories. Using car stickers is one of the best ways to give your auto unique look. Generally, it’s the auto repairs and tuning salons that apply car stickers. However, if you have enough time and wish to experiment, you can do that yourself. This is exactly what we are going to learn in this Instructable. Let’s get started now.


Step 1: Supplies

  • Pencil
  • Scissors/stationery knife
  • Pressure sensitive vinyl film
  • Pressure sensitive stripping film/masking tape
  • Template
  • White paper

Step 2: Prepare the Template

Prior to making a sticker, you have to decide what design exactly you need. There are myriads of options here, so, think them over, look for the available designs on the web and pick the template you like. Print it out or draw it yourself. Then take a piece of paper (or several of them) of the required size and apply the image. Take pressure sensitive vinyl film, apply the template to the back side of it and accurately draw the contours.

Step 3: Cut the Sticker Out

Now, it is high time to cut out the sticker. Take the scissors or a stationery knife and cut the image, leaving around 1-2 cm along the contours. Prepare as many stickers or elements as you need, depending upon the template chosen.

Step 4: Attach Your Sticker to the Car

Prior to attaching the sticker to your car, make sure to degrease and clean it well. The surface of the car should be dry and clean. The air temperature in the garage (or outdoors) should not be below 22 C and the weather should not be windy. Check whether there is no dust or small items, like stones etc. on the surface. Otherwise, they may spoil the look of the image. Remove the adhesive part of the film and carefully attach the sticker to the surface. Even it well afterwards and enjoy the result!



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