How to Make a Cat Box




This is my first Instructable in which you are gonna learn how to make a cat box.

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Step 1: Step 1: Matireal

You need 2 big boxes, 3 small triangular, 7 cushions and lots of ducttape .

Step 2: Step 2: Building

Put one of the big boxes in the other big box then put one of the triangular box on top of the first big box.

Take the 2 last triangular boxes and stick them together. Stick everyting together and you have the best cat box of all times.

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    2 Discussions

    always curious

    3 years ago

    Looks lovely for the cat to enjoy. Unfortunately I don't have the space and my cat destroys the single largest cartons I put out for him. But has fun whilst demolishing.


    3 years ago

    This looks like quite the cat hotel. Nicely done :)