How to Make a Catapult With Littlebits




Introduction: How to Make a Catapult With Littlebits

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This is a easy project for kids , can be used in many things , this is a catapult or a throwing arm.

Step 1: The Materials for This Project

The materials are:

  1. Battery 9v &cable
  2. Power module
  3. Servo module
  4. Button module
  5. Servo mount & servo hub
  6. Mechanical arm
  7. 3-Screws
  8. Board
  9. Tape
  10. Paper cup

*Note: all this things you can get it in littlebits.*

Step 2: Connect the Cable to the Battery of 9V

We proceed to connect the battery of 9V for power the circuit.

Step 3: Connect All the Modules

We proceed to connect the module power to turn on the circuit , then we connect the button module when we pressed lets the signal through to the servo ,when connect the servo gets the signal it turns, rotating the arm and throwing the projectile.

Step 4: Press Servo

Press servo into the servo mount and screw in and then put the screw.

Step 5: Mount the Circuit to the Mounting Board

Once the board is mounted you put the cup in different ways of your choice, be creative!!!

Step 6: The Best Moments

You can use for many things , in this case to play basketball.

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    Question 1 year ago on Introduction

    Hello, I was wondering if I were to build this on bigger scale would I need different modules and a different servo?