How to Make a Cheap Darth Vader Mask




Introduction: How to Make a Cheap Darth Vader Mask

Here are the materials that you will need:
1. Half Darth Vader mask (I got the half mask from Party City for 5 dollars)
2. Black Duct Tape (Which I already had at home)
3. Craft Foam (The craft foam I got from Michaels and were 99 cents each)
4. Black Gloss finish spray paint (The spray paint is from Michaels and was about 5 dollars

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Step 1: Remove the Strap

Basically I just used scissors and removed the strap.

Step 2: Putting the Side Pieces

Cut two foam pieces which are 7 14/16 inches long and one inch in width. And duct tape to the side of the helmetq

Step 3: Getting the Side Center Pieces

Cut a piece that is 2 14/16 inches long and duct tape it to the side. do this once more for the other side.

Step 4: Getting the Center Piece

Cut a center piece that,is one inch by one inch and duct tape it to the center.

Step 5: Bottom Big Piece

Cut a 17 inch by 5 inch piece and stick it to the bottom sides with duct tape. This measurement is for a 14 year old boy's head. For adults you would have to measure you head size in inches from one side to the other.

Step 6: Add the Strap Back in (optional)

Basically line up the Strap ends on the inside of the mask where it would be before you cut it off. Then duct tape it.

Step 7: Adding Center Big Piece

Cut a pice that is 17 by 2 1/2 inches long and add it over the bottom big piece with duct tape.

Step 8: Adding Top Mini Piece

Cut a piece that is 7 inches long and 2 2/16 inches wide. Stick on top of Center big piece with duct tape.

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    Folda Fett
    Folda Fett

    2 years ago

    You know, it would be nice if you posted a picture of what it looks like finished.