How to Make a Cheap Deadmau5 Christmas Ornament





Introduction: How to Make a Cheap Deadmau5 Christmas Ornament

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Last year I made an Awesome Face Christmas Ornament and it was pretty well liked so this year I decided to make a deadmau5 Christmas ornament!  There are several different ways to do this but this is my version.  I made everything removable because I only had 2 red Christmas ornaments for some reason and didn't want to mess up.  I did NOT use the "official" specs of the real mau5 head, but if you want to spend more time on it than me, feel free to use these specs. 

Step 1: Materials

For my version, I used:
-1 Regular sized Christmas ornament ball
-2 Mini Christmas ornament balls
(If you dont have any, you could cut out some cardboard and paint them, or if you are really into it, could cover the ears along with the ball in a felt like material to make it more authentic
-Clay, Play-Dough, or Sticky Stuff of some sort

-Tape or Glue (I used tape folded over so I could remove them easy if I messed up or  wanted to take it apart)
-Possibly 2 Paper Clips
Krylon Paint if you're going to paint it all one color!

Step 2: The Ears

Like I said in the materials, if you don't have the mini ornaments, you can use colored/painted/felt covered cardboard.  What I did was stick the sticky material onto the little ornaments onto the larger ornament with the silver hooks facing the diagonally backwards.  

Step 3: The Mouth

I messed up a little on my mouth but you could make it better, all you need to do is cut out a piece of paper in the shape of a half circle, and make sure it is on the exact lower half of the face (mine is in the top half a little...).  You can attach the mouth with glue, or double sided tape/folded over tape if you are worried about ruining the original ornament.

Step 4: The Eyes

First off, I cut a circle about how large the eyes should be out of paper, then i put the paper behind it and cut around the other piece so they were about the same size, then glue/tape them on (i had to cut the tape in half) like you did the mouth.

Step 5: Hanging

Since the Ornament has two small ornaments attatched to it, its top heavy and falls backwards, so I used 2 paperclips that are slightly opened on the back 2 small ornaments.  Then I hang it like I would a normal ornament, then just attach the back to farther back on the branch.

Step 6: You're Finished!

You're finished!  Now go and show all your friends how crazy you are about deadmau5!  I recommend hanging the ornament on the higher part of the tree so no one notices the hooks of the smaller ornaments, or the putty used to attach them. 



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    Yep! we put the first one up (the one this ornament is on) the day before Thanksgiving for some reason, and the other the day after Thanksgiving