How to Make a Cheap Green Screen - in Just 30 Seconds


Introduction: How to Make a Cheap Green Screen - in Just 30 Seconds

Just a quick tutorial I did to go along with my chroma keying video =)



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     Can you let me see the video please?
    I went on youtube and it said it's private.

    Excellent idea!  A cheap, easy way to see if you want to get into Chroma Key projects at the very least and also a cheap and easy way to take your CK backdrop where ever you need to go.

    That actually made me laugh so much, I weed a little bit.

    Nice, I've seen these in the store.. but never thought they could be used for chroma key. By the way... What software are you using?

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    Yea, If it was for a personal project that had a lot of chroma keying, I would have done it better, but since the clip is only like 3 seconds I didn't make it perfect ;)

    Quick, easy solution, and one of the better 30 second contest entries. However, for really high quality greenscreen you need to actually paint a wall, and better backlighting will help you get rid of the ghosting effect morareduard is talking about.

    Thanks, I was aware of how to make a more professional green screen, but for this video I just wanted a way to make a green screen that was simple, and cheap.