How to Make a Cheap and Easily Repairable Pop Filter




Introduction: How to Make a Cheap and Easily Repairable Pop Filter

Why did I do this?

Storebought pop filters are relatively cheap, starting at 10 dollars. However, these pop filters can't be disassembled to be cleaned, or to have any parts replaced, such as the cloth in the case of tearing. This project is very cheap and doesn't require any tools, but scissors and glue, unless you want to go the extra mile and 3D print a part.

Before you get started, here's what you need.

  1. Around 6 inches of solid copper wire. Around .1 inch diameter.
  2. An embroidery hoop around 5 inches in diameter.
  3. A Husky 1-inch c clamp.
  4. Scissors
  5. A wire cutter (In case your wire is too long)
  6. Superglue or hot glue
  7. [Optional] A 3D printer - Zip ties if not

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

I will be using the 3D printed part I made. A download link to the stl file is included. The solidworks part is also included if you want to modify it in case you don't have the exact same c-clamp or wire. If you aren't 3D printing the part, zip ties will do just fine.

Step 2: Separate the Halves of the Embroidery Hoop

Take the embroidery hoop and unscrew the nut holding the halves together. Separate the halves and place them aside.

Step 3: Cut Off End of Pantyhose

Take a pair of scissors and cut off the foot part of the pantyhose. This should leave you with a cylinder of stretchable cloth.

Step 4: Split the Cloth Tube

Take the "tube" of cloth right through the center. You should end up with a cloth square/ rectangle.

Step 5: Inserting the Cloth

This step is somewhat difficult to do by yourself. You need to stretch the cloth, and at the same time put the stretched cloth in between the halves of the embroidery hoop. If you don't have a friend to attach the two halves while you stretch the cloth, you could always use the c-clamp to clamp down the cloth and another heavy object to help hold down the end of the cloth. Slide one half of the hoop under the cloth so you could stretch it out with one hand and use the other to place down the halves of the embroidery hoop.

Step 6: Trim the Cloth

Trim off the extra cloth. Make sure not to cut into the cloth that you are using, because you'll have to repeat the whole process all over again from step one.

Step 7: Attach the 3D Printed Part

If you are using the 3D printed part, this is where you glue it onto the c-clamp.

Step 8: Attach the Wire

Insert the wire into the hole made in the 3D printed part and use glue to secure it in place. If you aren't using the 3D printed part, you can just zip tie the wire on and use super glue to glue the wire in place.

Step 9: Attach the Wire to the Embroidery Hoop

Loop the wire around the threaded rod and glue it securely into place. Try to not do what I did and make sure you don't glue the nut in place so you can disassemble the hoop and replace the cloth if necessary.

Step 10: You're Done!

Mount the pop filter. Here's a short video demonstrating how I made it and testing the filter.

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