How to Make a Clap Activated Switch Using 555 Timer

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In this tutorial i will show you how to make a clap activated switch using 555 Timer.

To build your own clap activated switch using 555 Timer you can watch the video embedded in this step or continue reading.

Step 1: Parts List

***Parts List***

1 * Condenser Mic

1 * 555 Timer

1 * 8 Pin IC Base

1 * 10uF/63v Electrolytic Capacitor

1 * BC547

1 * RED

1 * Resistor - 39 Ohm, 1k Ohm, 47k, 90k


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Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Construct the circuit according to the circuit diagram.

Note : The blink time of the led can be made larger by using higher value capacitor C1

The entire process of construction & testing is shown in the video embedded in the first step or you can also watch it by clicking here

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