How to Make a Clay Goblin




I made a little Goblin out of clay, thought I'd give him a little personality! These are pretty easy to make. And fun, too.


Step 1: Materials

I used marbles for the eyes, oven bake clay, aluminum foil, fabric to cut pants/shorts, rope for belt, small tools for shaping clay and paints.

Step 2: Making a Goblin

I used aluminum foil to make a shape for the body, then add a layer of clay around it to shape. Then legs, arms and a head. When making the head, I pushed the marbles in to make "eyes", then shaped out the rest of the face, adding ears, and even a tongue!  To attach the head, I didn't use anything, I just molded the head into the body.

Step 3: Bake

Time to bake, about 40 minutes. And then after it cooled completely, I gave him a good coat of primer.

Step 4: Painting & Finishing

Now its time for paint. I made some little shorts for him and used a piece of rope/twine for the belt. Now he can sit on a shelf or anywhere to keep you company or be a conversation piece!



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