How to Make a Cobra Weave Stick Bomb

This is now my sixth instructable, and I hope all who come see it enjoy my work. Just remember, hold the sticks down tight.

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Step 1: Materials

You need at least ten sticks, but there is no limit to how many you want to use.

Step 2: X

Lay two sticks out in front of you like an x.

Step 3: Weaving Pt 1

Put a stick under the top stick and over the bottom stick.

Step 4: Weaving Pt 2

Repeat this pattern again by putting this new stick under the next top stick and over the next bottom stick.

Step 5: Done

Now just repeat this pattern until you run out of sticks. Then, let go of the last stick in the chain, and watch them sticks fly! I hope you enjoyed this instructable, and if you have any questions or ideas for this project, let me know!



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    3 years ago

    Cool! I always wondered how people made those...