How to Make a Coin Battery at Home

Introduction: How to Make a Coin Battery at Home

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How to make a battery using coins at home.

We use vinegar, salt, cardboard and coins. It can power a led light with no problem. Euro coin and UK Nickel coins pence try but it worked better with pesetas (Spanish coins).

Homemade battery energy

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Step 1: Pour Vinegar in a Pot

You should pour regular vinegar in a pot

Step 2: Add Salt to the Pot

Add salt to the pot and stir it well

Step 3: Drop the Coin in the Pot

Drop the coin in the pot with the vinegar and salt

Step 4: Cut Cardboard in a Coin Shape

Cut a cardboard in a coin shape for each pair of coins less 1

Step 5: Put the Cardboard on the Pot With Vinegar

Put the cardboard on the pot with vinegar

Step 6: One Nickle, One Copper, Cardboard

Set the coin in this order: One nickle, one copper, cardboard

Step 7: Make Several Cells and Test Them

Make several cells and test them and try to light a LED light

Step 8:

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    1 year ago

    This would be a really fun science experiment with kids :D