How to Make a Colorguard Practice Flag




Introduction: How to Make a Colorguard Practice Flag

This instructable is made to explain how to make color guard practice flags. These flags are one solid color, although there are only a couple more steps for multi-colored flags.

-3 yards of poly china silk*
-3 1/2 yards of a heavy paper or material (for pattern)
-existing silk (if you are modeling your flag on an existing one)
-a pencil
-plenty of sewing pins
-1 wood burning tool
-a durable work table
-an iron
-a sewing machine
- appropriate colored thread
- appropriate needle

* You can find the ploy-china silk many places online

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials and Make a Pattern

Make sure you have a large open workspace (such as a large table or even the floor). Cover the workspace with a large piece of cardboard to protect the surface from the wood burning tool.

Making a pattern will make it much easier to make multiple flags. A sturdy paper is preferable. You can find the appropriate measurements from any existing silk, or look up the desired size. It is important that you make sure your pattern includes an outline around the edges that will be folded in on all sides with more on the side where the pocket will be.

Step 2: Cut the Silk

Roll out your silk and make sure it is flat, but not stretched. Then lay your pattern on top of your silk and trace with a pencil. (The edge will be folded in, so it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Let your wood-burning tool heat up before using it. Test it on one of your scrap pieces to make sure it is hot enough. It should seal both edges as you cut and should glide easily down the material. Trace around your pattern. To make it easier to do the next flag, just cut a straight line down the right side of the material which will become the pocket of the next flag. This will help you save time and material.

Step 3: Iron and Pin the Material

Once you have your silk, you need to get it ready to sew. To do this fold each edge (EXCEPT the pocket side) over twice. Iron the edges to make the sewing easier, and pin as you iron to secure the folds. Be careful to make sure the 2 corners are folded securely.

Step 4: Sew the Flag

First, set up your sewing machine. You can choose either clear or a matching colored thread. Now you can set up your sewing machine with the chosen color. Make sure to wind your bobbin and thread you needle. Make sure to use a very fine needle to work with the poly-china silk.

Sew one path around the 3 outside edges of the flag, making sure that the corners are extra secure. Continue by sewing another path parallel to the first.

Step 5: Make the Pocket

Fold the pocket in making sure it is straight. Iron and pin the fold to secure it. Sew 2 paths down the pocket seam, making sure to double up on the edges to  strengthen it.

Step 6: Final Steps

Cut all remaining threads, and Iron the finished flag.

The flag is now ready to be put on a pole and spun!

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Whoa, very cool! We were thinking of buying flags from here but we wanted to save them for an actual competition. Making our own practice flags would be a great economical solution!


    4 years ago on Step 5

    What type of thread did you use? All purpose? Or nylon? Thanks for the tutorial!!