How to Make a Commonsensical Weather Rock





Introduction: How to Make a Commonsensical Weather Rock

About: Hello I create usable rustic funky folk art for the home. Bristlecone Pine is the main wood I work with. This wood is the oldest living thing on the planet. The dead wood I use is from Colorado and has been ...

Here I show you how to make a commonsensical Weather Rock. They really do work and make for a niece folk art piece for your yard.

You can call me or e-mail 720 688 1078, I can e-mail the instruction on how to read the rock. This is free as long as you have a printer. I hope I bring some laughter into your life with this project. You are always more then welcome to stop over and visit me here in Plantersville Texas
Thanks for viewing if you want to just buy one that I have made then find me on Etsy.

Thank you

David Spiesman



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    We used to suspend the biggest rock we could find at boyscout camp in a tripod. That was always our weather rock. It was right more often than real weathermen.

    I love these!!

    And ya can't have weather w/o water occasionally. Maybe you should enter this in the Water Challenge.

    Love this! Thanks for sharing your Texas humor! You are right, we do need more humor! Have a great day!