How to Make a Computer Game With Python


Introduction: How to Make a Computer Game With Python

Make a simple number guessing game as an introduction to coding aimed at kids who want to see how to write a working computer game with Python. Short introduction that covers programming basics such as looping and branching without going into too much detail about how and why things work. Suitable as an introduction to programming.

Step 1:



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    5 Discussions

    python is very easy to write and read!, never knew this!

    1 reply

    Thanks for your comments. Yes Python is easy enough to read that you can get a sense of what’s happening even without knowing the language.

    verry cool game!. made it a bit easier for my own version but difficult is fun to!

    I learned some C# and C++ a few years back, but never got into python. Sounds very interesting!

    1 reply

    Thanks. I think anyone will enjoy, but the target is beginners. You end up with a working game that demonstrates the basic work flow in Python.