How to Make a Cool LED Night Lamp

The need for this project arise when we need a small night lamp for our room. The 0.5 W LED lamp was just too costly (Rs. 100). At first I tried to make this project with big (10 mm) LED (Cheap Chinese version) but failed miserably. It made 4 rows of 3 led each (12 LED) and control the current through the use of resistors but the LED are of cheap quality and get fused one by one. Though I am still using it (with only 3 led's working out of 12 LED). But, recently I decided to find a better solution. And this is the project that I found out as a solution of my problem for a led night lamp.

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Step 1: Components Needed

For this project you need

  • 12 V AC adapter (Rs. 50)
  • LED Strip.
  • Soldering Iron
  • Duck Tape
  • and paper knife for exposing copper tracks on LED strip

Step 2: Let's Get Start : Prepare Wire and LED Strip

Removing the Rubber coating from the wires of the AC adapter.

Also, remove the plastic coating on (+) and (-) terminals of LED strip with the help of a paper knife.

Step 3: Solder Wires to Led Strip

Apply some solder to the Power adopter wires and led strip terminals for easy soldering.

Now, solder wires. Solder, Red wire to +ve terminal of LED strip and Black wire to the -ve terminal of LED strip.

Step 4: Cut Led Strip

Now, encircle the LED strip to the four sides of the box.

And, cut the strip at the joint of connectors (++) and (--).

(Note : Carefully see the markers on the LED Strip to find out where to cut it)

Step 5: Fix Strip With Duct Tape

Now, fix the LED strip with the help of a cello/duct tape.

(Note : As I am reusing this strip, the normal sticky backing is not there, otherwise there is no need for this step. With a new LED strip you can simply stick the tape to adapter)

Step 6: Ready to Go

Now, you will be left with two wires for AC (as marked on adopter) to make connection to AC outlet.

Connect the wires either to the extension wire and secure it with a tape or you can directly connect it to an AC outlet of your home where you want to fix your night LED light.

Step 7: Relax and Enjoy

Sit back and watch this cool non-glaring night light and enjoy!

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