How to Make a Cool Night Light




Introduction: How to Make a Cool Night Light

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Step 1: Materials

-Light socket

-Liquid hand soap I used seasonal collection iced berries smell

-40 watt bulb

-6" section of PVC pipe

-Extension cord

-Mason jar

-Mouse pad

Step 2: PVC Cut

Cut pvc pipe to 6 inches
Cut a piece out of the bottom of the pipe for the extension cord to fit

Step 3: Fill Jar With Water

Fit the mason jar up with water and and leave about an inch from the top with no water

Squirt a lot of the soap into the water

I added blue water color to mine

Shake well

Step 4: Mouse Pad

Cut a ring out of the mouse pad to go out the bottom of the mason jar to help hold the jar ontop of the pvc pipe

Don't mind the tape i accidentally broke the ring

Step 5: Watch the Wonder of the Night Light

Put the light underneath the pvc pipe and make sure the extension cord is in the slot you cut out of the pipe to make sure it's level. Put the jar ontop the pipe and plug in the light and watch the Beaty of the light!!

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    4 years ago

    COOL! I LOVE IT! I also like how it's simple! :)