How to Make a Cool Pair of Flip Flops





Introduction: How to Make a Cool Pair of Flip Flops

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Learn How to design flip-flops to wear this summer!



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    very cool and you could jazz them up lots of different ways. I have flip flops without a big toe loop, but if I cut the seam a bit longer or added an loop, I could add it easily. And anyone wanting a bit of extra sole or tread could recycle some old tire tread and use that staple gun Tranquesta mentioned to add them to the bottom after sewing halfway, but before sewing all the way. XD

    i'm think i'm gonna try that,..l but i'm gonna add some more padding for comfort.

    A good use for old jeans, and you could add all sorts of things to it to jazz it up a lot.

    Those are the awesomest homemade flip flops I've ever seen!

    That's clever! So, if I can't sew, can I use a staple gun instead? ROFL! Seriously, nice work--and recycling, too!