How to Make a Cootie Catcher!

About: like fishing!??

this time, in my instructable, I am going to make a cootie catcher!

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Step 1: Equipment

you'll need the fallowing equipment:
a 15cm by 15cm square paper(I'm using a origami paper, but if you don't have one, make one!)

Step 2: Start Folding!

first,fold it in half in a rectangle and fold it back again.
second fold it in a rectangle half but fold it like the creces is making a cross
third,fold all the right angles to the middle!
forth, turn it over and fold the right angles to the middle again!
turn it over and fold it in half.
next fold it in half and put your fingers in the hole.
make it in to a cootie catcher shape.

Step 3: Thank You

thank you for watching my instructable!
I do hope it helped you!

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