How to Make a Cup Coaster of Palm Leaves




Introduction: How to Make a Cup Coaster of Palm Leaves

You will need

-palm tree leave

Step 1: Taking the Leaves Off

To take off the leaves from the rest of the plant just pull it down

Step 2: Interweaving

To interweav the leaves place them parallel to each other as shown in the picture 1(do this with how many leaves you will use in my case I did a 7 by 8)

After that you will need interweaves them as show images 2 and 3 (repeat it how many times you whant, but it will get bigger)

see how it should look in img 3

Step 3: Folding the Tips

you will need to fold the tips as the images shows

Step 4: Finish

it´s done



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    4 Discussions

    Hmmm... We don't have palm leaves where I live. Voted!

    1 reply

    Very cool! How long do these last before they dry out and fall apart?

    1 reply