How to Make a Curtain Room Divider?

Curtain is one typical hanging room divider in home decor, popular for easy operation and change. DIY curtain room divider, you can make your own curtain of your style, cheap and interesting.

Plan and measure the size of the fabric divider (for example, measuring the ceiling space or bracket placement where you are going to hang the room partition), making the proper size of the fabric (length and width);

Choose the fabrics or curtains you like (find the proper pattern and color); Lay your drop cloth on the floor and cut the fabrics into certain size as measuring before;

Sew the top line of the fabrics so than you can put a sling through the line to fixed the divider or fix the hooks arranged on the ceiling or bracket to hanging it or lay the plywood sheet on the top of the cloth, and then drill a hole at least 1/2 inch in diameter once the sheet is dry, closely attached fabrics and sheet.

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