How to Make a Custom Mario Bros Lamp




I had an old lamp (The ones that have a cover and rotate so that you can se kind of a landscape) and I wanted to make it look cool so I decided to change it.

For this project we'll need:

-An old lamp

-Color paper




Step 1: First You Have to Disassemble the Lamp

In order to measure the length of the cover of the lamp we must take the cover out

Step 2: The Design

We'll need some acetate to do this and some color paper

Print the design in A4 paper (I'll leave the images I used for this at the final step)

You'll need as much pages as the size of your lamp, in my case I printed 3 pages of each

Step 3: Size

We must paste them together and trim the edges in order to fit in our lamp

Step 4: Paste It

Finaly we must paste our parts together so that it has the same round shape as the original cover

Step 5: Assemble

Once you put everything inside, you're done

Step 6: This Are the Images I Used and Some You Could Used



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    2 years ago

    OH MY GOSH!! That's so cool!


    This is awesome. I have always thought that these scrolling lamps would be perfect to mod, but I never thought of about making a side scroller video game theme. I like it,.

    1 reply