How to Make a Cute Gold Wire Wrapped Elephant Pendent Necklace




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This tutorial is about an easy elephant craft DIY on a gold wire wrapped elephant pendent necklace. The main process is twisting the elephant image. Hope you enjoy it! Wire wrapped skills are not difficult comparing to the beading techniques. With aluminum wires and copper wires at hand, you can actually create many interesting images as you like. Most of my friends like elephant, so today I made a gold wire wrapped elephant pendent necklace with a few materials available. The detailed steps are listed below.

Step 1: Supplies in Making the Gold Wire Wrapped Elephant Pendent Necklace:

1.5mm Gold Aluminum Wire

0.3mm Gold Copper Wire

8mm Rose Red Jade Beads

6mm Cat Eye Beads

Gold Lobster Clasp

Gold Cross Chain

Round Nose Plier

Side Cutting Plier

Long Nose Plier

Step 2: Shape an Elephant Image

1st, snip off a piece of 30cm aluminum wire, and then twist a snail hook at the end;

2nd, wrap the aluminum wire and shape an elegant image as the picture shows.

Step 3: Fix the Elephant With Copper Wires

Snip off several short pieces of copper wires, and then tie and wrap the wires to the connecting points of the aluminum wires respectively.

Step 4: Add Bead Ornaments and Gold Chain

1st, pick up a 6mm black acrylic bead, a 8mm rose red acrylic bead, 6 colorful cat eye beads and snip off 3 pieces of short copper wires;

2nd, slide a black bead to the copper wire, and wrap and tie the bead to make it the eye of the elephant;

3rd, thread a 8mm rose red acrylic bead to the copper wire and tie it to the body of the elephant;

4th, thread the colorful cat eye beads and wrap and tie them to the aluminum wire according to the picture;

5th, snip off a longer copper wire and wrap the nose of the elephant;

6th, attach a gold chain to the elephant pendent and finish the whole wire wrapped elephant pendent necklace.

Step 5: Show You the Final Piece of the Cute Gold Wire Wrapped Elephant Pendent Necklace!

After reading my tutorial, you may find that this DIY project is actually a course of wire wrapping. Indeed, if you are quite familiar with wire wrapping techniques, then this DIY wire wrapped elephant pendent necklace is a piece of cake for you! I suggest you to invite your kids to join you since it is a good project for kids too!!



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Have a friend who loves elephants, cannot wait to make this for her. Thanks


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love this project, will try it one day!

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Thanks, just go ahead


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