How to Make a Cutter From a COMPUTER




Introduction: How to Make a Cutter From a COMPUTER


Step 1: To Do a Cutter From a COMPUTER You Need!

To manufacture a cutter with your own hands we need:
- Power supply 12V 5-10А from PC or another device;
- Nickel-chromium wire with the section of 0,4 – 0,8 mm;
- Wooden handles or 2 pieces of a branch;
- 2 nails or 2 lengths of a firm wire.

Step 2: In This Instructables I'm Going to Show You How to Make Nickel-chromium Electric Fret-saw or a So Called Cutter.

Step 3: With the Help of a Hand Made Electric Fret-saw You Will Be Able to Saw Out, Burn Out Beautiful Frames, Wooden Jewel-boxes, Which You May Present to Someone.

Step 4: You Will Also Be Able to Cut Plastic, Foam Plastic Etc. Evenly With the Help of a Hand Made Fret-saw.

Step 5: Hand Made Electric Fret-saw Is Very Easy to Manufacture and to Work With!

Step 6: I Hope That Some of You Will Make the One for Himself and Remember Me Well...

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    2 Discussions

    john henry
    john henry

    3 years ago

    nice hot wire cutter. don't forget safety info, a lot of kids use this site. some may be irresponsible and burn their house down trying to cut random objects with it...
    I suggest adding a momentary switch to a handle so if its dropped it will turn off.


    3 years ago

    Great idea thanks :)

    If I were to make one it would be to use on blue or pink foam. Of course, proper ventilation would be needed as the fumes are toxic.

    Thanks again for this :)