How to Make a DIY Drill

Introduction: How to Make a DIY Drill

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In this tutorial i will teach you how to make a DIY handheld drill . The drill is powerful enough to drill through wood , plastic , cardboard and styrofoam. Parts i used to make this homemade drill are:

battery https: //

Motor https: //

On/off button:

charging port:

Step 1: Mounting the Motor

Cut a piece of wood of dimensions 4cm x 16cm. Position the motor bracket at the front of the piece of wood and mark where holes are to be drilled. Drill holes at the points market and mount the bracket. The bracket should then be bolted into the piece of wood and the motor can be screwed into the bracket. a brass fitting and drill chuck can then be pressed onto the motor either by tapping it lightly with a hammer or squeezing it in a vice

Step 2: Making the Battery Holder

To make the battery holder i first glue all 4 batteries together. looking at one side the batteries should be arranged

+ -

- +

next i cut 2 pieces of wood and glue 2 springs onto each piece of wood. the springs will line up with the flat sides of the batteries. i then cut 4 pieces of foil tape and attach them as shown in picture 2. I then attach the pieces of wood to the batteries and hold them in place with a bunch of elastic bands. The batteries are now attached in series so when i measure the two terminals of the battery pack i should get 12 volts.

Step 3: Wiring

First we will make a reverse switch using two, 3 terminal switches. The outer terminals of both switches will be attached to the positive and negative of the motor. The middle terminal of one switch will then be attached to the positive terminal of the battery holder. the middle terminal of the other switch will be attached to the negative terminal of the battery pack but will be separated by the push button switch. Flicking both of the reverse switches at the same time with reverse the direction of the motor. Pushing the push button switch will toggle the motor on and off.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

We will start of by making a handle. For the handle i use a narrow pop can and drill a hole that the push button switch can fit through. I glue the pop bottle to a piece of wood which will serve as a base and will stop the drill from tipping over. The bigger the base the more stable the drill will stand. Once you mount the drill on top of the handle, you can glue it in place and glue the push button in place as well. The last picture shows a charging port being attached to the drill. Test the port to see the positive and negative terminals. Glue to positive terminal to the positive terminal of the battery holder and glue the negative terminal to the negative terminal of the battery holder

Step 5: Charge and Test

Use the a variable dc power source to plug into the charging port of the drill and turn the voltage nob to 13-14 volts. Now you can put a drill bit in the chuck and turn the drill on by pressing the button in the handle. You can also reverse the direction by flicking the 2 switches at the top. To see the full video you can find it at

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