How to Make a DIY Guitar With SAM Labs!



Introduction: How to Make a DIY Guitar With SAM Labs!

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Become the next Rock God! Make a DIY guitar with SAM Labs

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

1. Raid the recycling for a cardboard box.

2. Grab your SAM Slider and 3 Pressure sensors/ OR 3 Buttons to make it rock.

3. Snag a scissors, some tape and a pencil to make the guitar talk.

Step 2: Shape It, Shape It Good! Making the Body

1. Trace or draw the body of the guitar.

2. You could even make it in the shape of a star!

3. Cut it out carefully to avoid making it's shape bizarre.

Step 3: Grab Your SAMs

1. Next you have to attach your SAMs

2. Tape the Slider to the base with a wham!

3. Attach the Pressure Sensors OR Buttons to the neck give the keys a little shazam.

Step 4: Uh Huh, Program That SAM!

1. Drag the soft SAMs onto the canvas in the app.

2. You'll need 5 SoundPlayers and 5 Logic gates to activate the guitar's status

3. Connect 1 Slider and 1 Pressure Sensor to the 1st “AND” logic gate - but that's just practice.

4. Connect the logic gate to the sound player.

Connect the slider and the second pressure sensor to the second and logic gate and then connect to the sound player Connect the third pressure sensor in the same way and then connect the first pressure sensor and the second one to the 4th and logic gate and connect to the sound player and repeat with the 3rd and 4th pressure sensors, the last logic gate and sound player. To put in your own guitar riffs, download any file in .wav format. Double click on the sound player to customise. Select the folder on the top left of the pop up to insert your downloaded file. When you select the folder where your file is saved, the contents of the folder will appear in the app.


Rock on!!

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