How to Make a DIY Kaleidoscope!

Introduction: How to Make a DIY Kaleidoscope!

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Bored of gazing out the window? Try SAM Labs' DIY kaleidoscope!

Step 1: Get the Goodies Together

1. To make a good kaleidoscope, you'll need tinfoil, paper towel roll, paper, markers, and a SAM DC Motor.

2. Fold the tinfoil into a triangle to make the inside border.

3. Grab your paper towel roll and give it some color.

Step 2: Make the Scope

1. On a fresh sheet of paper, cut a circle to spin around.

2. Once cut, draw some pretty designs that'll look sound.

Step 3: Prepare the Guts of the Kaleidoscope

1. To put it together, start by inserting the tinfoil triangle into the decorated paper towel roll.

2. Make sure it fits correctly in the hole.

Step 4: Attach the Extra Bits and Bobs

1. Take a wooden spindle and attach it to the SAM DC Motor.

2. Then glue the spindle to the circle as a holder.

3. Place and glue the DC Motor to the paper towel tube like a boulder.

Step 5: Get SAMtastic

1. Open up the lovely app SAM Space, or if you're on a desktop click here on the happy face :)

2. Turn on your blocks, pair them, and drag them onto the interface.

3. Connect the Button to the Toggle and to the DC Motor base.

Step 6: Play!

Now you've got endless hours of play!

Find out more at :)

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