How to Make a DIY Robot – Introduction to Robotics

Introduction: How to Make a DIY Robot – Introduction to Robotics

Want to make a DIY robot for your science fair project? But not getting any basic tutorial on robotics? Here is a complete step by step tutorial on what you have to do if you want to build a robot.

Hello guys this is Zubayer Tahmid from Bangladesh. While you have decided to make a robot, you searched in the Google, read a lot of articles, watched hundreds of videos in YouTube, but you couldn’t learn anything. Don’t worry, because I believe that you are in the right place today. In this tutorial I will try to cover everything you have to learn for entering yourself in the amazing world of robotics and will get a complete guideline on how to start making DIY robots.

Step 1: Microcontroller

There are only three basic units in a robot. The Input, Processing and the Output. Same as a computer, right? The processing unit is the main part of a robot. In the world of robotics this processing unit is known as the microcontroller. The microcontrollers are programmed and it works as directed. There are many types of microcontrollers like Arduino, PIC, and AVR etc. As you are a newbie in robotics, I would highly recommend you to learn Arduino. Arduino is the easiest microcontroller which is the perfect one for learning. If you want to know more about Arduino then visit this link of Wikipedia:

And if you want to learn Arduino and want to learn its basics then I would highly recommend you to follow this tutorial:

Step 2: Sensors

Now after learning the basics of Arduino, you have to learn how to use sensors interfacing with Arduino. There are many kinds of sensors. For example if you want to make a line following robot, then you have to learn how to use IR sensors. Again if you want to make an obstacle avoiding robot, then you have to learn how to use the Sonar sensors. Search in and and you will find lots of tutorials regarding sensors and how to use them with Arduino. And please follow the tutorial in the link I have given above because I believe that you will be able to learn a lot of things regarding Arduino and some other components which will greatly help you to develop your basic.

Step 3: Motor Driver

A robot can’t move without legs or wheels, right? So obviously you need a component for moving the robot. I would recommend you to use wheels while you are a newbie. Because the experts sometimes fail to make a robot walk with motorized legs. Even I can’t also! So after learning how to use sensors, you have to learn how to control motors using Arduino. And for controlling motors you have to use another IC namely Motor Driver IC. There are many types of motor driver IC and I would recommend you to use the L293D motor driver IC because it’s very easy to use. Search in or “how to use L293D with Arduino” and I believe you will get a bulk of tutorials on it. And if you can’t learn from those tutorials, then just follow my complete tutorial on how to make an obstacle avoiding robot in this link: In that tutorial I have discussed everything of that motor driver IC.

Step 4: Chassis

For the body structure of your robot you have to make a chassis. For starting simple projects on robotics, you may make an easy chassis with cardboards. Actually chassis are generally self-made and you can show your creativity here. Search in and you will get many examples on chassis, follow those and make one for you.

Step 5: Power Management

In this part I will talk about the power management system. DIY robots are generally run by 5V batteries. But the battery must be rechargeable. Because if it’s non-rechargeable then with a new battery the robot will run for about 5-10 minutes and that would be very much costly. For setting up the connections with Arduino and motor driver you can use a mini breadboard and jumper wires.

Step 6: Resources

This is the final step and I will finish it by giving you some resources. While you want to make a robot you need some basic components. So I am giving you a list below so you can buy those and can make your own Robotic Kit!

(i) An Arduino Board

(ii) A Motor Driver IC

(iii) Two DC Motors

(iv) Two wheels

(v) One Robotic Chassis

(vi) One 5V Rechargeable Battery

(vii) Sonar Sensor

(viii) Reflective Optical Sensors

(ix) Jumper Wires

(x) A Breadboard

(xi) Screws, nuts and bolts

(xii) Your Interest! (Because without your utmost effort you will not be able to be successful in your life!!)

If you want to learn the basics of Arduino then follow this tutorial:

And to learn how to make an obstacle avoiding robot from first to last then follow this tutorial:

Step 7: Conclusion

If you like this tutorial then please share it and help other people to enter in the amazing world of robotics. And if you face any kind of problem while working on robotics then just mail me. My email address is . Best of luck!

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