How to Make a DIY Smartphone Controlled RC Car




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Hello, Guys! In this tutorial, I'm going to make an Arduino based smartphone controlled RC car. This car could be controlled via Bluetooth using any Android phone or tablet. This is an awesome project. it's simple to make, easy to program and also a great project for a hobbyist like me. So don't waste your time and let's make this cool project with me.

Here's The Full Tutorial And Demonstration video


Step 1: The Parts List

Here's The Parts List:

  • Arduino Nano
  • L298N Motor Driver
  • HC05 Bluetooth Module
  • 18650 Li-ion Battery(2ps)
  • Old RC Car
  • Male To Female And Female To Female Jumper.

Step 2: Upload the Code

First, connect the Arduino to your pc, then upload the code.

Step 3: Download the App

Download the car controller app from google play store.

Step 4: Wiring Diagram/Circuit Diagram

Here's the entire circuit diagram

Step 5: Connect All the Modules

First, we'll start off by making the connection among all the modules. At first, connect jumpers between motor driver and Arduino as follows.

*Arduino--Motor Driver

  • D5>IN1
  • D6>IN2
  • D10>IN3
  • D11>IN4
  • Vin>5V OUT

Now Connect Bluetooth Module TO Arduino And Motor Driver

*Arduino--Bluetooth Module

  • TX>RX
  • RX>TX

*Motor Driver--Bluetooth Module

  • 5V OUT>5V IN
  • Step 6: Mounting All the Modules

    Now it's time to mount all the modules. First, apply some hot glue on battery cover then mount motor driver. Next, we'll mount Arduino and BT module. Then mount the battery. After mounting all the modules connect front and rear motor wires to the motor driver according to the circuit diagram.

    Step 7: Soldering Wires

    Now solder battery's positive wire to switch, then connect it to the motor driver and connect negative wire of the battery to GND of the motor driver.

    Step 8: We're Done Now

    Finally, we're done now. Connect the upper case of the car. Have fun with this fast smartphone controlled car. I hope you'll like it. Don't forget to follow me for my upcoming awesome projects.



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      8 Discussions


      Question 6 months ago on Step 8

      is the black wire from the battery supposed to connect the bluetooth, motor driver and nano all?


      6 months ago

      mi Bluetooth module is not turning on!

      Syed SulemanS

      Question 1 year ago on Step 8

      pls help! i have all the same components connected in the same manner as in the tutorial and i have no issues compiling or uploading the code either. but when i connect with the same app as told of,nothing happens. all the lights of all three components turn on,meaning the circuit is working but still is not working. pls help

      1 answer

      Answer 1 year ago

      yes you can if you are familiar with arduino uno and Nano


      1 year ago

      I'm thinking of making an RC truck but I would like to know how big of an RC model this can run?


      1 year ago

      Can u give me the code of this project?