How to Make a DIY Tripod Using Waste Materials?

Introduction: How to Make a DIY Tripod Using Waste Materials?

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Hiii friends. This is Sagar mewada and today i will be showing you some easy steps to create a tripod from waste materials. So lets get into the instructable.


List of things needed-

1) Square piece of acrylic.

2) A steel pipe of about 1 foot

3) Paper holder removed from an old writing pad will do.

4) 4 bumpers for the base.

5) A scrap metal cut from an old tube light holder.

6) A cupboard hinge.

7) Some screws and nuts.

That's it. you only need these many things to make one.Well if you don't have the same materials please don't give up you can use other materials also.

Step 2: Creating the Base of Our Tripod.

1)The base should be made of dimensions 18 cm * 18 cm.

2) We need to create a hole in the center of the base so that our steel pipe gets inserted in the hole.

3) We need to create 4 holes at the 4 corners so that the bumpers can be attached .

4) Now attach the 4 bumpers with the help of screw and nuts.

That's it the base of out tripod is ready.Please refer the figure and my complete video for better understanding.

Step 3: Create a Slot in the Steel Pipe.

1)Now we have to create a slot in the steel pipe at one end so as to enter the hinge in the slot as shown in the figure. The slot can be created using an axoblade.

2) Now we have to create a through hole in the steel pipe perpendicular to the slot created.

Step 4: Creating a Holder for the Phone.

1)For creating a holder i have cut a piece of metal sheet from an old tube light holder.

2) Also i have removed a paper holder from and old writing pad.

3) Now we have to drill 4 holes in the metal sheet .

4) 2 holes according to the paper holder and 2 holes according to the hinge.

5) Now we attach them with the help of screw and nuts.

And our mobile holder is created.

Step 5: Last Step! Doing the Assembly.

1) Insert the mobile holder hinge in the slot of the steel pipe.

2)Insert a long screw with nut to catch the whole thing together.

3)Now enter the steel pipe in the hole created in the base.

And voila! your own diy tripod is ready.Please refer to the video for more understanding.

THANK YOU. If you like this instructable please do the needful. Also no need to create same tripod just like this one. Create a one which has a little bit of your own flavour to it.

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    2 years ago

    Your use of materials is really smart. It looks nice for being so simple. :)


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks! Please follow for more.