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Hi Everybody,

Isabel and I do not only like to reuse materials, but we also like origami. We decided to mix the two and we came up with this Dahlia brooch. We hope you like the Instructable :-)

Step 1: Check Out the Video to See Us in Action

To make this brooch you need:

3 Nespresso coffee pods, we used the purple one (Arpeggio) but you can use any color you want or mix it up, a circle punch (you can use whatever size you want), a headpin, a centerpiece of choice, inner bike tube, a metal brooch, felt, scissors, glue gun, double sided scotch and jewelers tools

Step 2: Cut You Coffee Pod

You need to cut of the top and the bottom of your coffee pod. Afterwards use a pencil to flatten the piece. This makes it easier to punch out the circles. Now use your circle punch to punch out 8 circles.

Step 3: Fold Your Circles

Fold the circles in 4 pieces. Use a flat nosed plier to fold two sides as shown. Hereafter fold in the middle again to obtain you Dahlia petal. Repeat this step 8 times. Than cut out another circle, but now from a piece of inner bike tube.

Step 4: Put the Dahlia Together

Add some double sided scotch to the inner tube circle and than glue on each petal until all 8 petals are attached. Take a headpin and a nice centerpiece and pierce the middle of the flower to move the headpin through. On the back add you brooch and than turn your headpin so everything is attached.

Step 5: Add a Felt Circle and Vloila, You Have a Beautiful Dahlia Brooch

Cut out a felt circle in the diameter of your Dahlia. Glue this on with a glue gun, one petal at a time. To get the 3D effect, fold up the inside of each petal. And voila, you have a beautiful Dahlia brooch.



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    2 years ago

    You might normally not like to reuse, but it makes your project so much more amazing in this case. ;)


    2 years ago

    This is gorgeous, and no one would ever guess that it was so simply made and of what humble material! You are incredibly talented, and I thank you for sharing this

    1 reply
    Isabel Naomikathynv

    Reply 2 years ago

    Dear Kathynv, Thank you so much! That is such a sweet comment. Hope you have a good weekend