How to Make a Dark Sensor

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In this instructable I will show you how to make a Dark Sensor.
First I will tell you how it works-
When the Light dependent resistor(LDR) is in Dark the LED turns on but...
When the LDR is in light,the LED turns off.Hence I have made my own dark sensor.
Now,it's your turn to make one.
Lets get started!

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Step 1: Order Your Components:

1xLDR(Light dependent resistor)
1xLED(Any colour)
1x100K ohm resistor
1x330 ohm resistor
1xBC547 Transistor
1x9V. Battery
1x9V.Battery Clip
Some jumper wires or single strand wires.

NOTE: I used 47K ohm resistor instead of 100K resistor cuz I didn't had one. It is better to use a 100K ohm resistor instead of 47K one.

Step 2: The Schematic:

Build this small simple schematic!

Step 3: SUCCESS!

This project is finished!

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