How to Make a Dollar Bow Tie





Introduction: How to Make a Dollar Bow Tie

There is a video at the end of the instructable that shows step by step of what to do

Step 1: ​Start With a Flat Bill of Your Choice

Step 2: Fold the Bill in Half

Step 3: Fold the Dollar Bill in Half Again

Step 4: Create an Arrow

Unfold dollar bill to look the same in step 2. Take one side of the bill and fold it up to create a triangular peak at the top. Flip the dollar bill over and repeat with the other side. Click the video at the bottom of the page for help

Step 5: Invert the Arrow

Link to video:

Step 6: ​Flip the Edges of the Bill and Fold Along the Triangle

Step 7: Repeat the Folds for the Other Side

Step 8: Take the Corner That Has a Fold Along the Side and Fold the Corner Over

Step 9: Repeat the Same Step With the Other Corner

Step 10: Flip Bill Over, and Fold the Corners the Same Way

Step 11: Carefully Start Opening the Bow Tie, Do Not Pull the Ends. Push the Center of the Bow Tie Down.

Link to video:

Step 12: Here Is the Complete Video

Link to video:



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5 Discussions

kinda bad on the wording of the instructions, but really good!

whold that be treason. where i live theres only £5 notes its a bit expensive but it looks so cool i realy like it

That looks amazing! Very economical too :-)

Have a great day! :-)

مرسی خوب بود

Very nice! I used to fold these when I was younger, but had forgotten how. Thank you!