How to Make a Double Acetate Snowflake Shaker Card



This cardmaking tutorial is for the very popular style of the shaker card, I have put my own spin on it and made this a double acetate shaker card complete with snowflakes & snow, this demo shows you how easy it is to make and how impressive it is when it is finished.

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Step 1: Items Used

Stix 2 Anything 6x6 white card blank

Presscut dies for aperture and frame

Stix 2 Anything: Sparkle Adhesive Acetate Sheet

Stix 2 Anything: Thick Clear Acetate Sheet

Marieanne Creatable snowflake dies

Anna Griffin Christmas word dies

3D Double sided foam tape

Stix 2 Anything: Clear Plastic Beads

Silver ribbon

Step 2: Now Watch the Tutorial

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