How to Make a Double Beret




Introduction: How to Make a Double Beret

Hellow there! This is the first instructable I post, sorry if I don't explain myself that good. If you have questions let me know, also you can double check the video! Thanks you <3 Hope this is helpful for you!

Step 1: Watch the Video!

Don't forget to add english subtitles! (Since the video audio is in spanish)

Step 2: What You'll Need

For the fabric I used fleece, but this can work with any other type of fabric! Also, you don't need to use diferent colors, but it can come very handy when using the same beret depending on the colors you choose.

Step 3: Taking the Measurements

Ok! First of all, we will use this measuring tape. Use it to measure your head, after you got your head's measure: add 2 inches, because it may be too tight for your head if you leave it as it is.

Next, use this fórmula:

radius = C/2(π) (or as seen in the last picture)

The (C) circumference is the measurement of our head and π equals to 3.1416

so we will just replace the values, in this case, the measurement of your head is C,after that you can continue with the formula, the last picture can help you if you need any help or you can ask if you have any question! :)

Step 4: The Pattern

Take 2 sheets of paper and join them with tape or glue (picture 1). In the center, draw a point (picture 2&3) and with the tape mark the measure that the previous formula gave to you (picture 4).

Done this, you'll have a cross (picture 5) make a circle, joining the points (picture 6). You can use a dish of the same radius, or a compass.

Now, we will add 2 or 1 inch in the outer part of the circle we already have. Depending on how big or fluffy you want your beret. I like it fluffy, so I added 2 inches. (this part is very similar to the first one)

Next, cut the circle, you only need the exterior circle, but we can also use the inner circle for other project! Let's try not to waste materials :)

Step 5: Tracing the Pattern to the Fabric

Put the circle over the fabric you'll use and trace around it. In the first one we need to include and trace the inner circle, too. Add 1/3 inch to the outer part of the circle and cut. As I mentioned before, we will need a piece with the inner circle and another one without the inner circle.

Cut a strip of fabric two inches wide. It must be the same length measure that you took from your head (plus the 2 inches you added)

If you can't cut a single piece of that length. Cut and sew smaller pieces that equals the total length.

When you have it, fold the strip, Iron it with care (If you are a minor, ask an adult for help)

※Now we should have this:

►2 entire circles pieces of different colours

►2 circles pieces without the inner circle of different colours

►And a single piece of strip

Step 6: Assembling the Double Beret

Put the circle without the inner circle over the complete one【Remember to always use matching colors!】and sew around them (see picture 2&3).

Do the same with the other pieces. Now we will cut darts all around the outer part of the sewing, 『Be careful not to cut through the sewing line. Doing this cuts will help the fabric to turn around perfectly into a circle.

※Done that, turn one of the pieces and the remaining must be put in the same way as shown in the picture #5

We will accomodate the strip on one side all the way round and sew the three layers of fabric (see picture 7), now we will fold the strip inwards and sew with a blind stitch or if we are using a sewing machine, with a straight stitch all the way around.

Step 7: Finished Product!

Pressto! The Double Beret if finished! Let me know what you think about my new and first instructables. I'll try to get better posting instructables~

『If you have any question, let me know in the comments below, I'll be happy to answer your questions or seeing what you've created』

See you in the next instructables <3

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    3 years ago

    Great instructable looks perfect.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you! I appreciate! :)