How to Make a Draft Blocker for Your Door



Introduction: How to Make a Draft Blocker for Your Door

So, not all of my items on my "To DO" list got done this summer....... I'm still stuck with an old drafty back door! To help cut down on the draft from outside (and my energy bill), I made a quick and easy door draft stopper.

Time: 20 minutes




-Liquid stich (Walmart $1.00)

-Measuring tools

-Sewing Machine and pins

-Stuffing for tubes (rice, beans, stuffing, tubes to cover pipes, padding, Styrofoam, etc.)

Step 1: Measure & Cut

1. Decide what you will use to stuff the 2 tubes for either side of the door. Needs to be about in inch high and thick.

2. I had these tubes that I bought for the door drafts. You can buy them at Walmart or Joann fabric store.

3. Measure the door base you will be making the drafter for. My door base was 30 inches.

4. Cut the tubes to fit.

5. Used a scrap piece of fabric to fit the tubes and leave an inch between the two tubes to slide under the door.

6. I left about 2 inches of fabric/seam at the end of each tube.

Step 2: Pin & Sew

1. Press and prepare the fabric to be sewn.

2. Cut the fabric to fit the tubes 30 inches plus a few inches at the end of each tube. (34-36 inches of fabric) I placed my 2 tubes on the edge of the fabric and rolled it once around the tube. I did that on both sides and left 1 inch between the tubes for my door.

3. Pin both ends of fabric tight against the tubes and sew both sides.

4. Cut extra fabric.

Step 3: Liquid Stich

1. Last to secure the rest of the fabric, run a thin line of liquid stich under each tube. Press/hold until dry.

2. Last, slide it under your door to stop any drafts.

Hopefully, next winter I will have a new backdoor :)

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