How to Make a Dreamcatcher!

Introduction: How to Make a Dreamcatcher!

Having bad dreams? Need to keep the kids busy? Make a dream catcher! When hung in your bedroom, dream catchers are said to protect you from bad dreams while you sleep. While intricate dream catchers can be expensive and hard to find, here is how to make one with only household products, leaving your wallet full and your dreams happy!

Step 1: Gather the Following Materials

-1 Paper plate
- Scissors
- Feathers
- Yarn
- Hole puncher
- Sticks and Leaves 
- Markers
- Hot glue gun and glue sticks 
- Beads (optional)
*Note: For children under the age of 10 be sure to ask an adult for help when using the scissors or use child-safe scissors.

Step 2: Plug in Hot Glue Gun

- Plug the hot glue gun into a wall socket now, give it about 5 minutes to heat for later use.
* Note: if you are under 12 years of age be sure to ask an adult for help when using the hot glue gun

Step 3: Fold & Cut

- Fold the Plate in half
- Cut out the middle of the plate leaving space to decorate and punch out holes
- At this point you should have a plate with the center cut out and hole punches.

Step 4: Hole Punching

- Punch 10 evenly spaced holes in the plate on the remaining outer circle
- Make the holes directly across from one another.
* Note: You can add more holes for a more intricate design

Step 5: Weaving the Yarn

- Measure out and cut a  wingspan’s length of yarn
- Designate a front and back side for your  dream catcher
- Thread one end of the yarn through a hole from the back side that you designated. We will refer to this end of the yarn as the “weaving end”.

Step 6: Weaving and Adding Beads to Your Dream Catcher

*Note: Leave three holes available  for later. We will use these holes as the bottom of the dream catcher.
*Note: Be sure to end with the weaving end of the yarn in a hole that is right next to the one you started in.
-Now, like lacing a shoe, thread the weaving end of the yarn through a different hole across the middle of the plate.
-Repeat this weaving process to create a pattern that looks like a spiderweb until all of the holes you punched out have been threaded.
*Note: You can choose to add beads to your design during this process, by slipping them onto the edge of the yarn while you     weave

Step 7: Tying the Knot

- Take both ends of the yarn together and double knot them together
- Cut off any excess yarn you might have left over.

Step 8: Decorating!

- Decorate your dream catcher by using either markers to color, gluing on sticks and leaves or a combination of both!
- With the markers you can draw squiggles with different colors to make you dream catcher stand out.
- Carefully use the hot glue gun to glue on the sticks and the leaves
- Make sure to leave some space at the bottom portion of your dream catcher to add strands of yarn for more decorations

Step 9: Beads and Feathers

- Measure out a foot of yarn and cut it
- Thread the yarn through the three holes you left available in Step 6, tie a knot, then thread the beads onto the yarn, and tie the yarn below the beads to keep them from falling off.
- Be sure to leave some space at the bottom of the yarn for feathers.
- Glue on the feathers in the remaining space at the bottom of the yarn.
- Repeat two more times.

Step 10: Wall Mount

- Cut a piece of yarn and make it into a loop.
- Glue the loop of yarn onto the  back part of your dream catcher, at the top.
- Let it dry completely and then it can be hung from a nail or hook on a wall.
- Enjoy your dream catcher!

Step 11: Source

We got this idea from How to make a dream catcher on WikiHow.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Being of the blood and having made many of these over the years I had to go to wiki to see where you got the idea from for this. They do a pretty good job of showing the proper way of making the web for a dreamcatcher. It is the represenation of a spider's web and should be made in a certain way. If you could follow the way this was done in your source material then you would be following the way. These are a Sacred item to many and to see them used and made in some of the ways they are being made and used now brings pain to ones who follow the Red Road in our hearts and our lives. You have a good heart but need to learn this the proper way.