How to Make a Dress

Intro: How to Make a Dress

Jackie Barajas

Maria Ramirez

Jerry Rodriguez

Step 1: Materials

1. skirt

2. shirt

3. needle

4. yarn

Step 2: Step2:Step1

The first thing we did was that we measure the shirt to the skirt and after that i had to yarn the shirt because it was a little to big then we did was put it together and it took like 2 days to do it and make the dress.

Step 3: Step3: Step2

When we were all done with the dress we had t put it on and have to model it we go our friend astrid because she will fit in it and then we took pictures with the dress.

Step 4: Step 4

This is the final results of the dress.



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    1 year ago

    That turned out looking great! It would be awesome to see pictures of the steps you took to make this!