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Introduction: How to Make a Duct Tape Business

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This instructable will show you how to start a duct tape business and the kinds of things you can make out of duct tape.

I will show you how to make:
Duct Tape Clothe
Duct Tape Wallets
Duct Tape Purses
Duct Tape Shoes
Duct Tape Roses

I don't want to take credit for thinking up of all the things i made because I don't want someone feeling bad that I took their idea and now they want to sue me, so I am just going to say that i improved on the duct tape merchandise.

I am also going to say sorry for the bad picture, it is because my camera is broken so i had to use my moms.

Any questions feel free to ask and i will try to awnser them as soon as possible

Step 1: What You Need to Start This Business:

You need to make the items:
Duct Tape(obviously)-you will need a lot of gray and also other colors
Packaging tape
Exact o knife or some razor blade
Hard flat surface
Work space
Maybe some music or TV or a craftsman radio
Maybe a friends willing to help

And to sell them you need:
Ideas of different wallets designs and other objects to make
Pants or shorts with a lot of big pockets so you  can hold the wallets while you walk around  and sell them
Or have someplace to sell them (flea market)

Step 2: Start of the Whole Business:

The start and most important part of this business is either Duct tape or you yourself

Well of course you need duct tape but you yourself is up you need a lot of patience to make these wallets and other things like shoes and bags.

You also need a creative mind to think of ideas.

Step 3: Making Duct Tape Cloth

You need to make Duct tape cloth to make wallets, bags, and just about anything but shoes and maybe hats.

1. Take a long strip of duct tape and put it sticky side up on your hard flat work surface. (picture 1)
2. Take another piece on duct tape the same length and overlap the duct tape while keeping the sticky side up. (picture 2)
3. Repeat step 2 until you get how wide you want your cloth to be.(picture 3)
4. Now take a piece of duct tape about the same length as the other pieces but put it sticky side down on the other pieces. (picture 4)
5. Repeat step 4 over lapping the pieces until you get to the edge of the duct tape. (picture 5-6)
6. Trim the edges with you razor blade of some sort to make a rectangle or a square.(picture 7)

There you go, you have made duct tape cloth.

I don't take credit for this and neither should anyone else because no one really knows who thought of it!!

Step 4: How to Make Wallets: Step 1

This is how I make my wallets so if you don't like how I make them don't comment just make them the way you like to make them.

You will need:
Duct tape clothe
Razor blade or some  triming device
Duct tape
Dollar Bill
Cardboard if you want to make a size cutter(think of how to do it on your own)

1. Take a dollar bill (i acually have a piece of cardboard that i cut) and put it in the bottom left-hand corner of the duct tape cloth. (picture 1)
2. Move it so an inch or so of the cloth is visible on each side.
3. Now fold it over and cut around the folded part.(picture 2)
4. Now you have to tape the edges except for the top.(picture 3)
5. Than trim the duct tape hanging over the edges.(picture 4)

You have just make a wallet body!

If this is confusing to you just look at the pictures. 

Step 5: Making Wallet: Step 2

Now we have to make the card slots.

You will need:
The wallet body
Duct tape
Duct tape clothe
Credit cards(or something similar)

1. take your duct tape clothe and using your credit car cut out the shape of the credit car jut leave it so you can see about half a inch of the credit card.
2. repeat step one for as many slide up/down credit card slots as you want.(i make 3)
3. now do the same as step one but do it so you can see about a half inch on the side of the card. 
4.repeat step 3 for as many slide in/out credit car slots as you want(i do 1)

Step 6: Making Wallets: ID Slot

i make id slots for my wallets.

Basicly i do step 3 but with packaging tape so it is clear

than i take my id and put it on the Packaging tape clothe and than fold it over and cut it out so it can wrap all the way around the id. i than tape it all but one side and than tape it onto the wallet

i know that that was probably confusing so just experiment with it and all it is is trial and error

Step 7: Duct Tape Shoes

I sadly didn't come up with the instructable to make duct tape shoes.

But i did improve on saxophones instructable;

i am made two pairs of shoes. i tape foam on top of the carboard to add comfort. i don't know how to explain this but look at his instructable and it will show you how to make duct tape shoes.

Step 8: Duct Tape Purses

i again didn't come up with this instructable

But again i improved on it.

Riceman came up with the instructable:

again i improved on it by adding a pocket to the inside

Step 9: Duct Tape Roses

again like before i didn't come up with the idea for these. and i really didn't improve on them.

Herrozerro came up with a good duct tape rose instructable.

just do what the intructable says

Step 10: Now Lets Make This Business Grow!!!

You can do a lot of things to sell duct tape murchendise. or you can just give them as gifts or presents.

i personaly sell them in school(be careful and don't get caught) , to friends in the neighborhood, and i know a person who owns a shop that has a lot of everything in it and i have a display there with some business cards. i made a email adress for it.

You could:
do what i do
sell them online
at your work place
or mabye even start you own little shop and sell duct tape stuff

if you want a really coustom order of something duct tape you can email me at:
I am send it to you somehow

if you have any questions just leave a comment or pm me.

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    Cool stuff but it defeats the purpose if you cant see them because of bad pictures you should definitely save for a new camera with your business money.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah I will try to get my hands on a nice camera and than take some better pictures and thanks


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    ok mabye but i am made so much money off of this and i decided to share it