How to Make a Duct Tape Coaster



I was doing homework late one night whilst drinking a beverage and i thought to myself "what if the moisture from my glass gets on my homework?" So i grabbed my duct tape and made this!

Step 1: Materials

What you will need:
1. a cup to measure
2. duct tape
3. permanent marker (or pen whatever floats your boat)
4. knife or scissors

Step 2:

first place one piece of duct tape sticky side down. then add two more pieces down overlapping each other

Step 3: Circle and Cut

Put the cup on the tape and draw a circle about 1/4" away from the cup with the marker. then cut the circle out using the knife or scissors

Step 4: More Tape and Attatching the Two

Place three more pieces of tape down this time sticky side up. then place the circle on top of this sticky side down

Step 5: More Cutting and Some Folding

cut where indicated and fold like so

Step 6: Final Result

you should get a cool duct tape coaster to save your homework



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