How to Make a Duct Tape Sheath for a Knife/Tool



Introduction: How to Make a Duct Tape Sheath for a Knife/Tool

In this instructable I will show you how to make a knife (or tool) sheath out of duct tape. These sheaths are very durable and work very well.

*Be careful when handling knives*

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Step 1: Materials


-Duct Tape
-Knife or tool that needs a sheath
-Clear tape
-pen or pencil

Step 2: Tracing the Pattern

Trace the blade shape of your knife/tool on a piece of paper. Trace it again not overlapping the first tracing.

Step 3: Cutting the Pattern

Cut around the edges of the tracing. Don't be messy but its also not too important to be exact.

Step 4: The Base

Tape the edges of two pieces of paper together, making a "pocket" for your blade.


Keep wrapping this "pocket" up with tape until it becomes a bit more sturdy. Now begin wrapping the sheath with duct tape. Wrap evenly and try to make sure that there are no wrinkles in the tape because this will take away from its appearance. Using smaller pieces may make it easier to keep your sheath wrinkle free.

Step 5: Make It Sturdy

Once you are satisfied with the sheath itself, cut two pieces of duct tape one longer and one short. The long one should be about 5 or 6 inches while the smaller one should be about 4. Lay the longer one sticky-side up. Then lay the shorter one on top to make it a strap with two non-sticky sides, where only the bottom of one side is sticky.

Put the knife in the sheath. Tape your sheath to it and cover it in duct tape making arrangements according to preference. Leave the top open so that you will be able to take out your knife.

Step 6:

Now cut two more pieces of duct tape, again one long and one short. The longer one should be about 5 inches long and the shorter should be 3. Put the smaller piece on the middle of the larger piece. This makes a side that is totally non-sticky and a side that is partially sticky. Bend the strap into a circle or oval shape. Put the rest of the sheath face down and the strap perpendicular to the long part of the sheath around 3 inches up on the long piece of the sheath. USE THE PICTURES! THEY WILL HELP EXPLAIN WHAT TO DO!

Step 7:

Repeat the steps to make the strap again. Remember, one short and one long.

Once you have repeated these steps tape the two ends to the top to make a belt loop. Again the pictures should help.

Step 8: FINISHED!!!

There you have your very own custom made sheath for your knife. Also you can experiment with it to personalize it more.

Some personalizing ideas: -use different colors and designs of duct tape
                                                  -try different shapes for the straps

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