How to Make a Experiment for Kids




Step 1: To Do a Experiment for Kids You Need!

For this experiment you will need:
1. A transparent bag
2. A plastic water bottles.
3. Coloring
4. Scissors

Step 2: In This Instructables Tutorial I Show You How to Make DIY Jellyfish in a Bottle Is a Fun, Quick and Easy Craft Project to Try.

• Cut off the handles!
• Cut bottom into strips!

Step 3: All the Materials Can Be Found Around the House to Make This Simple Toy.

• Leave a little hole in order to pour some water in the head part!
• Fill jellyfish with water!

Step 4: This Experiment Can Also Be Used As a Fun Kids Science Project!

• Fill water bottle and add color!
• Place jellyfish in bottle!
•Don’t forget to make sure the cap is properly closed and tight before give it to children!

Step 5: Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How to play: Just let the kids turn it upside down – they’ll be surprised to see it moves every time they turn the bottle. And they’ll try to confuse this little jellyfish by turning the bottle back and forth very fast – well : ) Fun Thing For Kids!!!!!



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