How to Make a Eye

how to make an eye


you will need a pencil and creativity.

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Step 1: Outline

draw the almond shape of the eye

Step 2: Pupil

add the circle in the middle

Step 3: Highlight & Inner Pupil

add the high light and add an inner pupil and color in

Step 4: Add the Out Line Things

add the too curve line on top and bottom

Step 5: Add Lashes

add lashes on top and bottom

Step 6: Darken

darken the outlines of the eye and the pupil.

Step 7: Add Lines

add lots of dark and light lines in the pupil.


add more lashes that are different sizes.

Step 9: Shade

shade in the pupil, under lashes, and in the eye white.

Step 10: Shade in That Thing in the Eye

shade it

Step 11: Your Done


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