How to Make a Fancy Chalkboard Stamped Thank You Card



In this tutorial I make this gorgeous Thank You card using a mixture of new and old Anna Griffin products, however it could be made with so many other items that you might have. So its time to dust those stickers off again.. and instead of keeping them for something... lets us them..

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Step 1: Items Used

A5 Blank white card base

Matt and layers from Olive & Cerise & Matt Silver card

Chalkboard Thank You stamp (from my own stash)

Anna Griffin Ink Pads to make the Thank You stamped back, Pink Peony, Blue Hydrangea, Olive Green (available from

Anna Griffin Olive satin ribbon - from my own stash

Silver embellishment charm (my own, used with a snippet of paper and glossy accents)

A selection of Anna Griffin stickers, I used stickers from the Camilla Collection but you could use any.

A selection of Stix2 adhesive.

Step 2: Now Watch the Tutorial

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