How to Make a Fancy String Bracelet in Details




Introduction: How to Make a Fancy String Bracelet in Details

This instruction is to teach you how to make a fancy string bracelet by yourself. It is important to make this bracelet because you can improve your ability of DIY and make you look cool or beautiful if you wear it. Also, you can make this bracelet as a gift to your friend or yourself which is really meaningful because you make the gift by yourself! You do not need any technical or professional ability to make it but just to read this instruction with patience! To finish this decent gift, you need about 40 minutes. You will feel great and satisfied with the whole life and feel that you can do everything by yourself!

Step 1: Preparation

An inch scale or a ruler

A Main String

  • Material: Floss
  • Length: Your wrist plus two inches

A Wrapped String

  • Material: Floss
  • Length: Triple the length of your arm

A Connection String

  • Material: Floss
  • Length: The length of your arm

A Taper

A Marker

A Scissor

A Glue for floss(Krazy Glue) / A Lighter

A Clean and Dry Table

Clean dry hands

Step 2: Fix the Strings Location

  1. Place and fix the Red Main String on the table.
    • Suppose you are sitting right in front of table, then the Red Main String is at horizontal direction.
    • Fix the top part of Red Main String by taper
  2. Place the Blue Wrapped String under the Red String
    • Find the middle point of the Blue Wrapped String and mark the point by a black marker
    • Mark the point which has about 1 in. to the top of the Red String

    • Mate or overlapped the two marked points

  3. Fix the position of Strings
    • Use any one of your fingers to press the overlapped point (Fixed Point) of Red String and Blue Wrapped String.
    • Make sure the Red String is perpendicular to the Blue String.

Step 3: Make a First Left Loop

Caution: Don't move Fixed Point through this step!

    1. Make a left semicircle

    • Place the left Blue String on the Red String (which becomes #2 Blue String)
    • The diameter of this semicircle is 1 in.

    2. Make a right semicircle

    • Place the #1 Blue String on the #2 Blue String BUT under the Red String
    • The diameter of this semicircle is 1 in.

    3. Drag out the #1 Blue String through the left semicircle

    Caution: Don't move the part of the right side of the Red String!

    Note: Remain the size of two semicircles

    4. Tight the Blue String

    • Left hand hold #1 Blue String and right hand hold #2 Blue String
    • Tight the two sides simultaneously

    Step 4: Make a First Right Loop

      Note: This step is actually repeating the step 2 but reverse the side.

      1. Set a right semicircle

      2. Set a left semicircle

      3. Drag out the right Blue String through the right semicircle

      4. Tight the Blue String

      Note: If you want your bracelet has the same width, please using about same amount force when you tight the Blue String.

      Step 5: Finish Main Body Loops

      Note: You can tear the taper off when you familiar with the procedure

      1. Repeat step 2 and stepc3

      • Until the length of main body loops is equal to perimeter of your wrist but leave about 1.5 inch

      Tip: When you don't know the next loop is left first or right first, you can find which side of clog made by last loop then the next loop is that side first.

      2. Glue the connections between remaining Blue String and main body loops

      • Glue the Blue Strings with one little drop but not including the Red String

      Warning: The glue bonds skin instantly and eye irritant!

      3. Cut the Remaining Blue Strings using a scissor

      • Use left hand to hold blue string. Use thumb and ring finger to hold main body loops firmly. Use index finger and middle finger to hold the remaining Blue String firmly but leave about 0.5 in. space
      • Use right hand to hold scissor. Move the scissor into the 0.5 in. space.

      Warning: Don’t cut your fingers!

      Step 6: Make the Connection of Red String

      1. Overlap the top and bottom of the Red String

      2. Repeat the Step 2, Step 3, and Step 4 to make the connection loops

      • Replace the Blue String with Purple Connection String on overlapped Red String
      • Until the length of connection loops is 1 in.

      Caution: Don’t tie your connection loops too tight! The connection is active!

      3. Glue the connections between remaining Purple String and connection loops

      • Glue the Purple Strings with one little drop but not including the Red String

      4. Cut the remaining Purple Strings using a scissor

      Warning: Be cautious when using the glue and the scissor!

      Step 7: Finish the Bracelet

      1. Tie hard knots to the top and bottom of Main String

      Note: Better leave the same distance between knots and Connection loops

      2. Cut the two tails of two knots of Main String using a scissor

      Warning: Don’t cut your fingers!

      (Optional: Burn the tails of two knots for two seconds using a lighter

      Caution: Don’t get fire of your strings!

      Warning: Don’t burn your fingers or your clothes! )

      3. Loose the Red String up to the maximum length

      4. Wear the bracelet

      5. Pull or tight the two red tails together

      Congratulations! You made a fancy bracelet!

      Step 8: Further Changes

      1. You can make an adjustable bracelet using only single color.

      You also can add two beads to the top and bottom of Main String before tie hard knots

      2. You can made one nonadjustable bracelet with one colorful floss.

      • Fold the Main String and tie hard knots to the top main string.
      • Make the length main body loops same as the length of your wrist.
      • Tie many hard knots to the bottom main string.

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