How to Make a Fighter Paper Airplane

Introduction: How to Make a Fighter Paper Airplane

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Today I will show you how to make a Awesome Paper airplane that has "Guns" on the Front And a Tailfin On the Back.

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Step 1: Step One- Half Fold

1 8 1/2" X11" sheet of paper
Pencil or Pen
Clipboard (optional)
Clear Tape (optional)

First, start with a standard 8 1/2" X11" sheet of Printer paper (or other it doesn't matter) and fold it lengthwise In half as shown.

Step 2: Step Two- Corner Fold

Next, Take your paper and fold the lower right corner to the middle, but keep the lower left corner folded And then unfold, do the same on the other side so you should have a paper like in the Fourth picture.

Step 3: Step Three- Folding

Now, take your top right corner and take it to the bottom left fold as shown and repeat on other side.
Then, unfold and, take your Right Middle fold and bring it to the Center fold , and repeat on other side.

Step 4: Step Four-More Folding

And now, you fold the top point to where the folds met in the last step.
Now check Third picture and fold as shown, then repeat on other side.

Step 5: Step Five- Advanced Folding

This part is Kinda hard to explain so follow the pictures and I will post a video soon

Step 6: Step Six- More Advanced Folding

This step is the same as step Five ,Follow the pictures and i will get a video up soon.

Step 7: Step Seven- Final Touches

Finally Fold the plane in half With the spikes toward you and measure 1/2 an inch and mark it
and on the other side Measure 1 inch And mark it the fold Across the two dots you made

Step 8: Customize!!!!!

Yay we're Finally done now its time to customize!!!!!
Thank you All I hope you like my plane!

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    9 years ago on Step 4

    I love this step it looks so cool

    Hibatchi cow
    Hibatchi cow

    9 years ago on Step 6

    picture three is hard to understand is that from a different angle?