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Finger Knitting is traditionally a craft for beginners or children. Though that is true, this project will prove that finger knitting can be modern and 'grown up'.

You can make a collection of pillows to display on your sofa or bed, or give a couple of these as a personalized, unique house warming gift.

Try experimenting with different colors, diagonal stripes, or even spirals!

Have Fun!

Step 1: Materials

-1 Skein (or ball) of yarn, any thickness

-A sheet of canvas (or any other thick cloth)

-A sewing machine

-A pillow (We used one that was about 15 inches long)

-Color-collaborating thread

-Fabric Scissors

-Measuring Tape

Step 2: Finger Knit

Finger knit your yarn until the piece is long enough to cover the size of your pillow.

Set it aside for now.

Step 3: Measuring

Measure the front of the pillow, and cut out two pieces of canvas about 2 inches bigger than the pillow (both long and wide) and lay the knitting on one piece, as show above.

Step 4: Sewing

Sandwich your knitting between the two pieces of canvas, and pinning it in place as you go. Now sew three sides of the 'sandwich', pushing the yarn underneath the presser foot as you go.

Step 5: Finishing

Now all you need to do is turn your pillowcase inside-out and stuff your pillow inside it. You can either close the opening by hand-sewing it, or sew on some buttons.

All Done!

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