How to Make a Fire Charge Cannon in Minecraft

I'm quite good at Minecraft and can teach anyone how to play.

This is a tutorial on how to make a working fire charge cannon in Minecraft.

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Step 1: Decoration

Add walls and any stair to the top and bottom, and three walls between.

Step 2: Redstone 1

Add 6 redstone dust behind the walls and stairs.

Step 3: Dispenser

Add dispensers between the stairs, above the redstone.

Step 4: Redstone 2

Add a redstone torch onto the right dispenser, and redstone dust on both.

Step 5: Pistons

Just in front of the dispenser, add a piston, one block down, which should be powered. Then add a block above.

Step 6: Power

Add a button on top.

Step 7: Done!

Add fire charge to the dispensers and you're ready for fire!

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