How to Make a Flashlight Arm Mount




Introduction: How to Make a Flashlight Arm Mount

The Flashlight Arm Mount is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a wearable mount that you can wear around your shoulder. You then place your flashlight into the mount and turn it on. It’s as simple as that. The Arm Mount's main body was made using an old knee strap. You can tighten or loosen the Mount making it wearable by people with different arm sizes. One of the defining features of the Flashlight Arm Mount however is the ability to move your flashlight around whilst it’s in the mount. An iron rod is mounted onto the strap with a clamp at the end. You can move the rod around at will whenever you please.

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Step 1: Parts You'll Need

The things that you’ll need to create a Flashlight Arm Mount are a

1 Cu Modular Al Mc Quick Whip (cable)

1 Shoulder Strap (the one used was originally a knee brace)

1 Conduit hanger with a Nut & Bolt,

3 Zipties

1 Metal Screw

1 stainless thumb screw,

Glue (gorilla glue was used while making this)

1 phillips head screwdriver


1 vicegrip plier

1 Hammer

1 Roll Electrical Tape

1 =Drill & Drill Bit

1 Hacksaw

Something to poke a hole in the strap

Step 2: Cut an 10 Inch Portion Off Your Whip

The first step is to take your Quick Whip and cut off an 10 inch portion. Take a ruler and measure your whip and cut off an 8 inch portion using your sheet metal cutter. Then use the pliers to cut off the wires underneath. Do not remove the wires inside the whip as this renders the whip unusable.

Step 3: Remove Sharp Edges From Cut Whip

For safety measure use your pliers or a chisel to remove any sharp ends on the portion that you cut.

Step 4: Wrap Tape Around Whip

Grab your electrical tape and wrap it around both ends of the whip. This is so that the whip does not move whilst it's in the conduit later.

Step 5: Insert Whip Into Conduit Hanger

Insert your cut portion of the whip into the conduit hanger. You'll need to remove the nut & bolt that came with it first. Then place the whip portion into the that spot.

Step 6: Hammer Conduit to Secure Whip

Once the whip is in place, you then proceed to hammer down the spot where the whip is in place to secure it. Use pliers to hold the conduit in place by placing them in the two square holes. It's crucial that these holes stay aligned with each other for the conduit to serve its purpose effectively.

Step 7: Drill a 1/8 Inch Hole Next to the Whip

Take your drill and insert the drillbit. Right below where we hammered the conduit drill a hole all the way through using your drill.

Step 8: Screw 1 8x1/2 Screw Into the Hole

Once you have drilled your hole into the conduit you have to screw in one of your 8x1/2 screws. By doing this we safely secure the whip in place.

Step 9: Use Hacksaw to Cut Iron Rod

Using your hacksaw, cut off a 6 inch portion of your iron rod. You should clamp down the iron rod to a secure foundation to make cutting it easier.

Step 10: Poke Holes in the Strap

Grab something long and sharp to poke holes in the strap. You should apply a piece of tape across the strap for reference. Poke 3 sets of holes on opposite sides of the tape. These 3 holes will be used for the zipties which we'll insert in the next step.

Step 11: Insert Zipties Into Holes

Place your zipties into one of the holes and then have it come out the other side utilizing the other hole that you poked.

Step 12: Apply and Glue Down the Iron Rod

Grab your glue and apply glue to the section you designated earlier. Once you've done that you can place down the iron bar. Proceed to tighten the zip ties around the bar securing it in place. Cut off excess zip wire with your pliers. Let the glue harden.

Step 13: Place the Whip Into the Rod

Grab the whip and insert the other end into the rod. Thanks to the tape it should stay in place. Glue down the whip portion nearest to the rod opening.

Step 14: Place Your Flashlight Into the Conduit

Grab your portable flashlight and place it into the conduit slot. Then use the pliers to tighten the conduit so that your flashlight stays in place. Lastly take the thumb screw and manually turn it through the square holes you were told to keep aligned earlier. With that your flashlight should be secured.

Step 15: Finished Product

The finished product should look like this or similar. If you wish to switch out the flashlight then simply unscrew the thumb screw and remove the flashlight.

Step 16:

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