How to Make a Flight Simulator Game in Less Then 15 Minutes!




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I think its time everyone deserves abit of fun and time of program development, so how does a flight simulator game sound? :D

Step 1: Prerequisites and Guide

This is another guide, this ones abit different to the ones i usually make, this one is a game, its a flight simulator, completely 3D, build in 12 minutes!

too good to be true? bullshit, thanks to innovative technology and software absolutely EVERYTHING is generated by the program, its literally drag and drop.

1. Head over to unity and make a quick account.
2. Download unity peronal edition from here

3. Install unity

4. Follow the video

5. Heres the fly and ground detected javascripts

6. Build for whatever gaming platforms you like(phone, xbox, ps3, etc)

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    1 year ago

    Could there be an expansion into quaternions and pitch yaw and roll?