How to Make a Floating Book Shelf

This book shelf is strong, cheap, easy to make, and it floats, at least, that's what people will think. All you need is a book, a book end (metal), and glue.

I chose Treasure Island because it was thin and only cost me $0.99 at St. Vincent de Paul.

Step 1: Glue in the Book End

Like the title of the step says, glue in the book end. I used the back of the book but it doesn't matter where you glue it.

Step 2: Glue the Rest of the Pages Together

This step will make it stronger but you can try it without. If you don't glue the rest together, you can still read the book if you take it off the wall.

Step 3: Drill Holes Into the Book End

This will allow you to screw it into the wall. Mine has one on top and two on the bottom.

It's that simple! Tada!



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    Yes. It's the last book I would make a shelf out of.It was a gift and is one of my favorites of all the books I own.


    3 years ago

    Maybe some more picture of how it looks? And what bookend dit you use?

    Nice idea.

    1 reply
    Disizit Studiosvinz3nt

    Reply 3 years ago

    I just used a thin metal bookend. The top (area you can't see) was just a large square. It was the part that the books would lean on.